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Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL | 1Z0-144
Duration: 90 minutes
Number of Questions: 63
Passing Score: 65%
Validated Against:
This exam has been validated against Oracle Database 10g, Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Database 11g Release 2, and Oracle Database 12c Release 1.
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About Us

Saadiqin Tijara is a Software Product house specializing in development of industrial grade software for Islamic Financing and Healthcare sectors with the primary objective of offering full- service advanced Information Technology solutions. Saadiqin Tijara has since, grown into one of the leading customer-centric solution providers in the country. Through the many exciting changes and growth periods, Saadiqin Tijara has remained committed to the fundamental principle upon which the company was founded – to deliver value in the markets that we choose to serve.

Today we face significant challenges. A volatile global economy, shifts in leadership and faltering markets; all lend uncertainty as we consider the future. In the midst of the hardship, as the saying goes “Every cloud has a silver lining”, we remained positive and together, we have worked, rejoiced, and shared in ways unimaginable since 20 years ago. Saadiqin Tijara will continue to provide stability to clients’ businesses, combining quality IT professionals with an unprecedented level of customer service.


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Why Choose Us?

The foundation of Islamic Financial Institutions (IFI) product development are the selection of contract(s) that become the product legal agreement and IFI operations. Saadiqin enables IFI and related industries of Islamic Financing to Implement Muamalat Hukum & Rukun based on Islamic Contract and Concept which will allow them to build their operations following the proper Islamic Standards. Saadiqin is also tailored for IFIs as an off-the-shelf system using the latest in computing technologies allowing Ease of Ownership.

Saadiqin’s core proposition is to empower IFIs to develop & deploy verifiable and justifiable Shariah compliant Islamic Financing products.

  1. Saadiqin is designed by business users, and intended for business users which makes its prime design capability of Rapid Product Development.
  2. Enabling most of the financial product development to be done by bank personnels result in Lower Cost of Product Development.
  3. And Greater Control Of Strategic Market Assets.
  4. Providing Faster Time to Market will allow any institution to build a Sustainable Competitive Edge.



More about us


To help Islamic Financial Institutions meet the Shariah Compliancy requirements for their Islamic Financing solution implementation, management and support.

Company Values

At Saadiqin, our values differentiates us with our stakeholders; they define our mission, our aspirations, and guide us to our decisions and manifest itself in how we behave and act, collectively and individually. The values of  حكمة , أمانة  and  مجاهدة has been the cornerstone in the founders’ strife over the years and the same values will, by the Will of God, bring us into the future.

What we do

Saadiqin Islamic Financing System employs its substantial domain knowledge in Contract based Islamic Financing and empowering Syariah Compliance into relevant business solutions and services of our customers in the following major business segments:

Saadiqin Consultancy provides IFI Product Development service to assist our customers increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and optimize their asset utilization.

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Saadiqin Engineering implements services group for various engineered, server and storage systems.

Corporate Social Responsibility





The Yayasan (Foundation) Ar-Raudhah was initiated in 2000 with the main intention of funding and contributing to the needy and poor in the Nusantara. In 2004, the fund was involved in an initiative to provide assistance to tsunami victims in Acheh. This initiative has been growing ever since, from a comprehensive care to victims of tsunami in Acheh, to the development of a schooling facility in Lohkseumawe such as tahfizul Quran.

The experiences in Acheh has made an awareness of a need to streamline operations to help those devastated by natural disasters. From there, it triggered the establishment of a foundation to develop activities in the Nusantara by running programs in a more structured way and not just solely by giving donations in the form of money, but also by providing aspiration and encouragements.

Furthermore, Ar-Raudhah Foundation has expanded its activities in Indonesia with the establishment of a tahfizul Quran school in Padang in March 2005, which later was moved to Medan. Apart from education and social programs, Ar-Raudhah is also actively involved in carrying out economic activities and da’wah. These activities are currently focused in Pursat province of Cambodia.

Projects that were carried out include teaching the Cambodia’s poor on modern farming techniques, bread productions and also preaching to Muslims. In carrying out its activities, the financing is obtained from the investment profits of the business. Ar-Raudhah’s involvement in business investment had enabled it to accommodate its entire operation so as not to depend on external financial resources.

Ar-Raudhah Foundation has always stepped up in the investment business by investing actively in various economic activities such as ICT, construction and food industries. Ar-Raudhah also collaborates with other NGOs such as students or medical teams that are part of a community volunteer or care provider to add the type of assistance that could be given to those in need.




Ar-Raudhah Foundation

Shariah Committee