About Us

We have great product because of the team we have

At Saadiqin, our stakeholders define our mission, our aspirations, and guide us to our decisions and manifest itself in how we behave and act, collectively and individually. 


Integrity in upholding the trust we have to deliver and in 


We put up great tenacity to deliver the best for our clients, customers and stakeholders.


We have the best talent to make the best idea a reality

Our Mission & Vision

To help Islamic
Financial Institutions

meet the Shariah Compliancy requirements for their Islamic Financing solution implementation, management and support.

1. Relentless

Aiming for greatness in every project. In culpa qui officia deserunt mollitia animi, id est laborum et fuga.

2. Resilient

Evolving with the market, similique sunt in culpa qui officia deserunt mollitia animi, id est.

Trusted by clients like

Our Islamic
Financing System

We help you in Contract Based Islamic Financing and Syariah Compliance for any of your relevant business challenges  through the following major business segments:

1. Engineering

We implement services group for various engineered, server and storage systems.

2. Consultancy

We provide IFI Product Development services to assist you in increasing your operational efficiency, reduce your costs and optimizing your asset utilization.


Why Choose Us

The benefit of using Saadiqin

The core of Islamic Muamalat that we really work on is on the selection of contract(s) that become the product legal agreement and Islamic Financial Institution’s operations. 

Saadiqin enables IFI and related industries of Islamic Financing to Implement Muamalat’s Rules and Conditions, based on Islamic Contract and Concept which will allow them to build their operations following the proper Islamic Standards.

Saadiqin is also tailored for IFIs (Islamic Financial Institutes) as an off-the-shelf system using the latest in computing technologies allowing Ease of Ownership. Saadiqin’s core proposition is to empower your Islamic Financial Institutions to develop & deploy verifiable and justifiable Shariah compliant Islamic Financing products.

Saadiqin is designed by business users and for business users. This makes its prime design capable to deliver a Rapid Product Development.

We also help you in providing a faster time to market to allow your institution to build a Sustainable Competitive Edge.

As Saadiqin enable most of your financial product developments to be done by bank personnels, this will help you in lowering the cost of product development.

Our Services

Once we have helped you implement your Saadiqin System solution, our next job is to help you gain the best value and performance from your investment. 

We help you mitigate risk by ensuring a stable operation. This will help you optimises the performance of your IT solution, with the best service cost. We help you for your entire product range, enabling you to log, query, discuss and resolve any operational issue that you may experience during the use of the software solution – safe in the knowledge that you have access to the excellent support system offered by Saadiqin.

Happy African-ameican male customer service executive talking on headset in a modern office

Onsite support

  • 24/7 Access to our critical call centre

  • Access to the Customer Support Portal, to Log and resolve incidents

  • Download Software Updates

  • Access knowledge base, case studies

  • Access to support managers


Our standard support offerings

  • Dedicated offsite support

  • Dedicated support managers

  • Tighter service level agreements, delivering faster responses to meet your business demands

  • Seamless access to Expert Services and Training

  • Defect management & system optimisation

By using Saadiqin, we can help you in


reduction in outstanding issues


reduction of your close-of-business times


inefficient channel transaction

Enable Sharia compliance of your finance.

The core of Islamic finances is about the contract – Saadiqin believes it is doable and possible to work on making Islamic finances more clear, fair and transparent.