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Saadiqin is digital Syariah-compliant financial product company for non-banking entities . 

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We offer you a line of products


Deposit Account

Most prominent in middle and southeast Asia, and are an attempt to combine savings and checking accounts to entice customers to keep their money in the banks.

Why Use Saadiqin:

The current account portion pays no or very low interest, while the savings portion pays an above average return. They are offered free or for a fee depending on minimum or average balance requirements.


Asset Based Financing (ABF)

A specialized technique of providing structured working capital and term loans which are tenable by accounts receivable, machinery, inventory, equipment, and real estate.

Putting another way, asset based financing is a means for fast growing, cash-strapped business entities to congregate to their short term cash requirements.


Equity Based Financing (EBF)

A the process of raising capital through the sale of shares in an enterprise. Equity financing essentially refers to the sale of an ownership interest to raise funds for business purposes. 

Equity financing spans a wide range of activities in scale and scope and have various equity-based financing products such as mudaraba and musharaka.


Lease Based Financing (LBF)

A very common financing solution for businesses that need to acquire equipment. Repayments are spread over several months and are tax deductible. 


Equity financing spans a wide range of activities in scale and scope and have various equity-based financing products such as mudaraba and musharaka.

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Saadiqin Features


  • All terms clear for both parties of the muamalat
  • There will be no gharar
  • The contracts are mutually beneficial for both parties involved

No shubhah - no unsure sources

  • Sure and halal source of finance
  • Clear process of how the finances worked
  • Clear selling price and asset list

Fair transaction

  • Distribution of risk is fair for both parties involved
  • Both parties involved share clear distribution of loss and profit


  • Easy to be modified to your institution's needs
  • Administration of the system is easy to be customized

Plug & Play

  • Adding or modifying policies or terms are easy to configure
  • Do not need highly technical knowledge to use the system

Thorough throughout

  • Clear process from the start until you settle your debts
  • Contracts are not custom made
  • Contracts are not generalized

Saadiqin Modules


Current Accounts/ Savings Accounts


Asset Based Financing


Equity Based Financing

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Lease Based Financing


Investment Accounts

Why Saadiqin

Fulfilling the call of Islamic Financing

Those who devour usury will not stand except as stand one whom the Evil one by his touch Hath driven to madness. That is because they say: “Trade is like usury,” but Allah hath permitted trade and forbidden usury. Those who after receiving direction from their Lord, desist, shall be pardoned for the past; their case is for Allah (to judge); but those who repeat (The offence) are companions of the Fire: They will abide therein (for ever).
Verse 275

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We also do trainings for the future financiers and financial institutes. Email us if you are interested.

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