Shariah Compliant

“The Bank places great importance in ensuring that the overall Islamic financial system operates in accordance with Shariah principles.”-BNM

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Contract Based

A contractual condition plays a central role in Islamic Financing and must be fulfilled with certainty for the transaction to be acceptable in the Shariah.


Modular Packages

Clients can choose a range of specific solution packages without needing to require the whole suite. Purchase and upgrade will be made easier.


The Saadiqin Difference

a unique approach


Saadiqin is not a Loan System

‘Islamic Financial Core Banking System’ has not yet been developed, while the existing banking regulations are based on the western banking model of ‘loan system’.




Transparent Configuration

Saadiqin has the relevant tables for banks to develop Islamic Banking products that complies with Islamic contracts.




Ease & Rapid Development

Screens are designed based on objects where fields and parameters are easily recognized and configured. This will allow rapid development of multiple products.

Saadiqin Key Design Points

our system fully adheres to the Shariah Compliancy standards


The Fundamentals

The underlying and mandatory fundamentals of Islamic Finance jurisprudence are the essentials and conditions of Muamalat Contracts/Concepts.

Validation Features

The Saadiqin validation features will verify configuration data to match with Muamalat Contracts/Concepts for a transparent product.

Definitive Form

Object-oriented and highly parameterize structure allows the flexibility for developing multiple financing products by configuration alone.

Years of Analysis

With the collaboration of various experts, our team has successfully translated the Islamic Finance conditions and essentials into a system.